FORTVILLE — Mt. Vernon High School’s web design class met with preschoolers in the district to find out if the apps they had created were engaging for the young students.

The web design students are creating a website hosting apps for district preschools to use on iPads, with the apps featuring the preschoolers’ favorite color, letter and other items of interest. The opportunity is available to students because the Mt. Vernon schools district provides devices like iPads to all its students, according to a press release.

Each high school student has been paired up with a preschooler, and they recently met up with their young clients in the high school cafeteria.

“It gives us experience in making something for a client,” said high school student Blake Miller. “A preschool client has similarities to other, older clients as we still have to get their needs, code and build the website according to their wants. Clients seldom know the details of coding websites, so the age difference doesn’t matter.”

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The purpose of the exercise is to learn how to create an app that the child will like, according to a news release. The high school students showed their clients how to spell their names, type letters and how to use a mouse. Currently, the web design class held enough students to offer this experience for two preschool classes, but in the future officials hope to offer it to all preschool classes.

The students in the design class will create the personalized app in the coming weeks.

“I was amazed at how good the high school kids were with the little kids,” said Brandi Delp, preschool teacher.