Letter: Reader finds Trump’s presidential candidacy puzzling

To the editor:

Donna Steele did an excellent job of describing Trump’s campaign style and substance in her column (“Let’s make hiring great again,” Sept. 13, A6). His candidacy is one of the most puzzling political developments of my lifetime, and I still have to pinch myself often to be sure I’m really awake and this is reality. As time goes by I’m trying to see the humor in it, and Steele’s column helps, as does the person on TV carrying a handwritten sign proclaiming, “Deplorable lives matter.”

Obviously Trump’s supporters are not limited to Clinton’s “basket of deplorables,” and so far no explanation seems to account for such a close election. Some say a lack of civic knowledge, even in the well-educated, keeps people from recognizing how little Trump knows about the Constitution, how our government works and what elected officials can and cannot do.

If the words coming out of his mouth aren’t enough to convince voters that Trump has no business holding public office, I doubt anything anybody says or writes can make a difference.

Rita McBride