Two NineStar Connect employees served as camp counselors at this year’s Touchstone Energy Camp, a camp geared toward students who just completed the sixth grade and whose parents are members of the NineStar cooperative family.

The camp takes place at Camp Tecumseh in Brookston. The agenda combines traditional outdoor camp activities with environmental education, electrical safety practices and cooperative business education.

Samantha Beauchamp, business sales and marketing representative, and Jill Snyder, director of business sales and marketing represented NineStar by serving as camp counselors. They were in charge of helping with the whole group, as well as a small collection of girls assigned specifically to them. They assisted with various activities that included horseback riding, swimming, archery, bucket rides and zip lining.

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Beauchamp said the facilities they shared with 13 campers were fantastic.

“We got to watch our girls all become friends and open up,” she said. “We had a couple of girls that started off a little closed up and didn’t talk much to the other campers, but by the end of the week at the dance, everyone was having a great time and had made really good friendships.”

As a souvenir, Samantha and Jill presented their group with NineStar dry erase boards that the girls had fun with writing messages back and forth to each other. Somewhere on the boards, the girls were asked to creatively write their names down. This was one of the first things on the agenda after they got to their cabins and it certainly helped Samantha and Jill remember each girl’s name. The girls were thrilled when they were told they could keep the boards as a memento of their experience at camp.