Sound Off – September 20

– Kudos to the people responsible for the glorious field of sunflowers just north of the intersection of State Road 9 and County Road 1000N. They are so beautiful, and they bring a smile every time I see them.

– Donald Trump’s temper is a danger to the country? You must be joking, as the number of books out right now describing the horrific outbursts of venom and profanity from Hillary Clinton are legion. Trump is by far more balanced and clear-minded, but then, the lamestream leftist media do not favor this narrative.

– Why in the world would the library pay $140,000 an acre for land? They are nuts.

– I witnessed a very disturbing site in a local restaurant recently. I was seated and waiting for my meal, when a customer and his wife sat down in the booth nearby. He immediately poked his finger and dripped blood for a diabetic check and then proceeded to lift his shirt and inject himself in the abdomen with insulin. Isn’t this something that should have been done in his auto before entering the restaurant, or perhaps in the privacy of the restroom? Totally inappropriate.

– My question is are liberty-hating, gun-hating Democrats like Michael Adkins still relative? I think not so much.

– Could someone please tell Hillary that for us mere mortals, ignorance of the law is no excuse. She is obviously above all this mortal stuff.

– The Indianapolis Parks Department has installed many splash pads in the past few years. Perhaps Greenfield should ask them who they worked with, use one of their designs and save the $30,000 planning and design fee. Why pay to reinvent the wheel?

– Thanks to the streets and sanitation departments for getting the flattened squirrel off the sidewalk at State and Main streets in front of the Hancock County Courthouse that had been there for weeks.

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