County residents kind, welcoming to campaigner

To the editor:

I would like to respond to Wayne Addison’s article (“Hancock County among the most generous,” Aug. 18, A4). I would have to agree with him that Hancock County is generous, but I would also like to add how kind and considerate the residents of Hancock County can be.

I have been recently going door to door on the campaign trail. It doesn’t matter where you go: Fortville, McCordsville and anywhere in the county. I have yet to knock on someone’s door and not be greeted kindly even if we identify with opposite parties. In many instances, they are happy to see someone actively knocking on their door.

As we watch so much negative media where we see nothing but hatred and hypocrisy, I think Hancock County is far and above that.

I have not lived in Greenfield a very long time, but I can tell you already that the entire county has wonderful residents. I am so proud to call Hancock County my home.

Rita Johnson

Democratic candidate for

Hancock County Council at large