FOUNTAINTOWN — When Elmer Carlton was a volunteer firefighter for the Fountaintown Fire Department, he often found solace during rough times visiting the gazebo in his backyard.

Upon his death in 2013, his wife, Connie Carlton, an EMT member of the Fountaintown Fire Department, thought it might be a good idea to build a gazebo at the Fountaintown Fire Station, 141 E. Brookville Road.

The memorial was designed to honor her husband and all Fountaintown firefighters who have passed.

When Elmer, 59, died, Connie donated $1,500 she received upon his passing to the gazebo project, which was started over a year ago. But the gazebo remains unfinished.

Boy Scout Troop 244 member Braden Fielding, a New Palestine High School senior, has agreed to take on the project to make sure the gazebo gets completed. In return, he’ll earn his Eagle Scout Badge.

“It’s been a lot of work, but it’s been a great project,” he said.

Braden plans on joining the United Sates Army after attending ROTC training through Indiana University – Bloomington after high school. He was thrilled to get the opportunity to support the people who serve the community, he said.

“The fire department and the EMTs, those are the people who in a dire situation are the ones who will have the greatest impact on a person, God forbid you ever have to make that 911 call,” Braden said.

Being able to give back to the people who keep the area towns and people safe made selecting the project an easy task, he said.

His goal is to finish the gazebo project as soon as possible.

The gazebo is going to be a memorial to honor any Fountaintown firefighter who has served the department through the years.

“We’ve lost four firefighters over the past five years, including a lot of our founding fathers and others along the way,” Connie said.

While the gazebo has been built on the fire station’s land, it needs to be painted, landscaped and a memorial plaque needs to be added, and that’s what Braden is planning to do.

Crawford, the scoutmaster who backing Braden, likes to see his scouts doing Eagle Scout projects with both significance and durability.

“I like the fact the gazebo is in recognition of our fallen friends and comrades,” Crawford said. “When you’re a volunteer at a fire department, it’s a big family.”

Crawford has been a volunteer firefighter in the area, with the Sugar Creek Township Fire Department and the Fountaintown Fire Department, for the past 30 years and said the gazebo will be a pleasant place for firefighter to relax before or after runs.

The gazebo will be used by Fountaintown firefighters who are on duty, but the fire station hosts several events throughout the year and will therefore provide opportunities for community members to enjoy it, Connie said.

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