Letter: Bicycle tax could pay for lanes

To the editor:

I read with much sorrow the article on the latest bike accident, and I believe something does need to be done. With that being said, I do not agree with the last sentence in your article, which states, “The road is there for all to share.”

The roads are built with tax dollars from gas and diesel that vehicles pay as the price to be able to drive these roads. Maybe if the government (I hate taxing) would tax the bike riders dollar for dollar spent on the bikes they could build bike lanes along side the road. Buy a bike for $100, tax it $100. Issue a plate for the bike good for any owner. Kids or retired people could then continue to ride their bikes in parks and not be taxed, and those wanting to exercise or just ride their bikes may do so safely.

We must get away from our entitlement thinking. You cannot do anything for nothing. All things must be paid for. Again, I am deeply sorry for the loss of life. Our son died on a motorcycle in 2000. We do not expect more for motorcycles because he died. Safety from all is the best solution until other solutions are found.

Let the Son shine in your life.

Al Woods

New Palestine