Police: Link possible for car break-ins

Detectives hope the Friday morning arrest of a teen caught driving in Cumberland with possible stolen items in his car might yield some leads in the investigation of New Palestine-area break-ins earlier this week.

A rash of car break-ins on the county’s west side is likely connected to other similar theft reports in neighboring counties, including one reported overnight in Fishers, police said; Friday, Hancock County Sheriff’s detective Doug Cook headed to Cumberland to meet with officials there to discuss whether a teenager they arrested early that morning might be involved.

Thursday morning, police received about 10 reports from residents who live between county roads 700W and 800W and county roads 200S and 300S, who called to alert them their cars had been broken into, Cook said; in some cases, belongings were rifled through, but nothing was stolen, while other owners reported property was missing.

One resident, an Indiana State Trooper, reported his gun was taken. The thieves aren’t stopping for cars that are locked, either, Cook said. In some cases, they’ve pried open doors and smashed car windows.

Neighboring police agencies, including the Indianapolis Metropolitan, Fishers and Cumberland police departments, have reported similar cases in the past few days, and investigators are comparing notes in hopes of generating leads about possible suspects, Cook said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department’s investigations unit at 317-477-1199.

How you can help

If you have information about recent car break-ins on the county’s southwest side, call the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department: 317-477-1199.