What’s correct practice for cyclists?

To the editor:

Regarding the article in Wednesday’s paper (“Pedaling with Purpose,” Aug. 3, A1) about sharing the road with cyclists, I have a few observations and questions.

When I was being taught the rules of the road for riding my bike on the streets, we were told to ride on the side of the road, single file, with traffic — and if you are in the roadway and a car is approaching, move to the side. However, what I have observed, especially with groups of riders, is that they ride in the lane of traffic and don’t even make an attempt to move over when vehicles are approaching.

I’m not suggesting that either of the two ladies mentioned in the article were guilty of this; however it seems to be the norm for the avid groups of riders who are often seen pedaling our country roads almost every weekend here in the Greenfield/New Palestine area. So my question is this: Where does the responsibility lie with the cyclists themselves, and just what are the rules of the road?

Karri Amory