Tiffany Rose, 36, is accused of beating a 69-year-old man during an argument over her car blocking his driveway while she was looking at Christmas lights, according to court documents.

Rose was arrested in January after a man told police a stranger punched him in the face repeatedly while looking at his neighbor’s Christmas lights. Prosecutors charged Rose, who admitted she called the man a Grinch but denied striking him, with two felony counts of battery along with two misdemeanors.

A Christmas light display is put up annually in the 1100 block of East McClarnon Drive and serves as a fundraiser for charity. It draws hundreds of onlookers each year, and Rose was reportedly blocking the victim’s driveway while looking at the lights, court documents state.

When the man tried to get Rose to move the car off his property, she became angry and began hitting him, court documents state.

Police used the man’s description of Rose and her car to identify her, court documents state.

The man told police he was trying to leave his home and flashed the headlights of his car at Rose’s vehicle, intending to signal the woman to move her car, court documents state. He blinked the lights at least three times, and the suspect’s car moved a few feet back and forth as if to make him angry, he told police.

Then, Rose got out of her car, walked over to the man and reached inside the vehicle to hit him in the face five or six times, court documents state.

The man was transported to an Indianapolis hospital for a severe nosebleed.

Rose admitted to police she was the one parked outside the victim’s house but denied striking the man, according to court records.

In an interview with police, Rose said she saw the man flash his lights; she backed up her car to let him pull out of the driveway, but when he didn’t move, she pulled forward again, court documents state.

Rose told police she got out of her car, approached the man and asked “why he was being a Grinch,” court documents state.

As she was speaking with the man, the e-cigarette she was holding fell into his vehicle, she told police. When the man refused to retrieve it, she opened the victim’s car door to get the device herself, she told police, at which point the man pushed her head into his steering wheel.

Rose faced two felonies and two misdemeanors: a Level 5 felony of battery against an endangered adult; a Level 6 felony of battery causing moderate injuries; a Class A misdemeanor of trespassing; and a Class B misdemeanor of unauthorized entry of a vehicle.

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