Off the Shelves – August 11

The following new items are available at the Hancock County Public Library, 900 W. McKenzie Road. For more information on the library’s collection or to reserve a title, visit

Adult Fiction

“Bad Signs: A Thriller” by R. J. Ellory

Orphaned by violence that took their mother, half-brothers Clarence Luckman and Elliott Danziger have been raised in state institutions, unaware of any world beyond its walls.

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But their lives take a sudden turn when they are seized as hostages by a convicted killer en route to death row. Earl Sheridan — a psychopath — and his two hostages set off through California down to Texas, on a path that will force the two boys to make a choice about their lives and their relationship to each other.

Adult NonFiction

“Hope, Make, Heal: 20 Crafts to Mend the Heart” by Maya Pagan Donenfeld

For anyone seeking renewal and restoration during life’s transitions and loss, “Hope, Make, Heal” offers a new approach to healing: using one’s hands to mend the heart.

The twenty craft projects detailed in the book provide ways to make objects that signify the qualities of a healing path: strength, calm, release, and hope.

Full of gentle encouragement, each project is easy to make and suitable for those times when minds are preoccupied and spirits are low.

Each one offers comfort and support and is designed to have a personal impact on the maker and those around them. It’s a resource for personal healing and a gift for your friend in need.

Teen Materials

“Smoke: A Novel” by Dan Vyleta

Young Thomas Argyle, a son of aristocracy, has been sent to an elite boarding school.

Here, against a Victorian England backdrop, he will be purged of Wickedness, for the wealthy do not Smoke. When he resists a sadistic headboy’s temptations to Smoke, a much larger struggle beyond the school walls is revealed.

Shortly thereafter, on a trip to London, Thomas and his best friend witness events that make them begin to question everything they have been taught about Smoke.