Marriage Licenses – August 11

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

July 1

Ashely N. Oler, Greenfield, to Joshua T. Reed, Greenfield.

David M. Cotton, Greenfield, to Jennifer M. Conti, Muncie.

Phillip A. Ortman, Greenfield, to Ashton K. Letsinger, Greenfield.

Adam T. Johnson, Indianapolis, to Kindal S. Newkirk, Greenfield.

Sarah J. Jessie, Greenfield, to Zachary Q. Woodall, Greenfield.

Abraham A. Richardson, Saint Robert, MO, to Christina R. Hegdahl, McCordsville.

Knjaado N. Powell, McCordsville, to Shaquita C. McKeever, McCordsville.

James F. Lafon, Greenfield, to Mandy L. Sadler, Bloomington.

July 5

James W. Newcomb, New Palestine, to Shelley A. Jones, New Palestine.

July 7

Christina Davis, Greenfield, to Joshua Brunson, Greenfield.

Kathryn E. Barkes, Greenfield, to Justen R. J. O. Vawter, New Palestine.

Elijah A. Kemerly, Wilkinson, to Katelynn L. York, Anderson.

Lyndsi G. Miller, New Palestine, to Cody W. Walker, New Palestine.

July 8

Deena N. Patton, Greenfield, to Joshua J. Levering, Greenfield.

July 11

Jaconb M. Runschik, Dayton, Ohio, to Danielle M. Beeler, Goodyear, Arizona.

Andy E. Crawford, Greenfield, to Jeanne M. Allen-Sohar, Greenfield.

July 12

Brandon J. Lucas, Greenfield, to Sarah Stevens, Greenfield.

Brandon D. Thomas, Greenfield, to Morgan Parish, New Palestine.

July 13

Angela Grzelak, Greenfield, to Vorgen Less, Cape Town, South Africa.

July 14

Michael E. Johnson, Greenfield, to Freda J. Haines, Fairland.

Duane L. Young Jr., Pikeville, Tennessee, to Sherri L. Jones, Greenfield.

Rachelle L. Wray, Fountaintown, to Michael T. Seeds, Fountaintown.

Larry B. Darrah, Fortville, to Mandy K. Valentine, Fortville.

July 15

Samuel D. Rifner, Greenfield, to Londa R. Jameson, New Palestine.

July 18

Justin R. Meckel, Greenfield, to Emily L. Miller, Greenfield.

July 19

Philip M. Martin, Greenfield, to Melissa L. Robertson, Greenfield.

July 20

David E. Bush, New Palestine, to Candace J. Dicken, Greenfield.

Theodore S. Welage, Greenfield, to Casey V. Tway, Greenfield.

July 22

Johnathan M. McKeen, Fortville, to Aarika L. Wright, Greenfield.

Kayle M. Hughes, Greenfield, to Eric R. Johnsten, Greenfield.

Joel A. Hilgendorf, Caledonia, Michigan, to Megan M. Staskiewicz, Caledonia, Michigan.

July 25

Joshua L. Rea, Greenfield, to Chelsey A. Burris, Greenfield.

Matthew L. Heath, Wilkinson, to Kristi K. Westrich, Greenfield.

Joseph N. Lowder, Greenfield, to Leandria M. Williams, Anderson.