Restaurant Inspections – August 3


The Hancock County Health Department inspects restaurants four times annually, and violations are labeled “C” for critical, “NC” for noncritical and “R” for repeated violations.

July 8

Dairy Queen

Location: 801 W. Main St., Greenfield

Type of Inspection: Routine

Violations found: C – chili being held hot is not up to temperature, corrected; NC – hand sink needs caulking repaired/replaced next to wall, to be corrected by Oct. 1; NC/R – non-food contact surfaces need to be clean to sight and touch, clean drawer handles, etc., to be corrected by Oct. 1; NC – gap at back door needs to be replaced to prevent pests, to be corrected by Oct. 1; NC/R –gap around walk-in freezer door at bottom and sides, ice build-up should be removed, adjoining floor is also deteriorating, hole in wall near freezer door, monitor freezer to see if it is maintaining correct temperature, to be corrected by Oct. 1; NC – clean floor behind grill to remove grease build-up, clean above drip tray, clean freezer next to grill to remove debris, to be corrected by Oct. 1.