City targets fourth home for demolition; owner steps forward, promises to make renovations

GREENFIELD — The owner of a burned house that has been vacant for years on the city’s west side promised city officials he would renovate the house to keep it from being torn down.

This week marked Eddie Shelton’s second time before the Greenfield Board of Public Works and Safety to address concerns about the house at 1102 W. Seventh St., which he purchased in 2010 after it was burned in a fire two years before. Shelton had told city officials in 2011 he purchased the house — which had fallen into disrepair after the blaze — with the goal of fixing it up.

Shelton originally said he intended to renovate the house, which wasn’t properly sealed, allowing water to enter the inside, by the end of the 2011.

Last fall, city officials realized the home wasn’t enclosed and still exposed to the outside elements, said city engineer Karla Vincent.

This week, Shelton told city officials he fell behind on renovation projects, but he plans to add a garage to the structure and install new windows and doors. He planned to put the doors and windows in this week, he said.

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