Missed the citizen’s academy? You missed out.

To the editor:

Thank you to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department for the citizens academy. Sheriff Mike Shepherd offers this program for people to learn about what is involved with being a police officer.

The main instructor, Lt. Bridget Foy, and all of the other instructors put on a very informative program. They all displayed attitudes that were very dedicated and professional.

The S.W.A.T. team showed the class all of the equipment that they use in a crisis situation. The class saw a demonstration of the equipment and certain members, the braver ones, allowed themselves to be Tasered.

All in all, the 10 classes were very informative, and the 17 people left with an idea of what is involved in being a police officer in Hancock County. Also, the class had an opportunity to shoot the many weapons the department uses under very strict supervision by the officer in charge.

When another class is offered, it would be a very good experience and a way to learn about what is involved, in a small way, with being a police officer in Hancock County.

Bob Burrows