Marriage Licenses – July 15

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

June 2

John R. Lacy, Indianapolis, to Jodi N. Marshall, New Palestine.

Darrin R. Miller, Crawfordsville, to Laura L. Crim, Greenfield.

Kenneth D. Lacy, Shirley, to Amy S. Holt, Shirley.

Devin W. Crawford, Greenfield, to Erika J. Wilson, Indianapolis.

June 3

Ashley R. Watkins, Greenfield, to Brooke R. Mochal, Muncie.

Jaclyn M. Jensen, Greenfield, to Robert E. Magga, Indianapolis.

Randi N. Ward, McCordsville, to Daniel E. Beckley, McCordsville.

Rachel A. Perry, Fortville, to Logan J. Patterson, Greenwood.

June 6

Jarrod L. Davis, Greenfield, to Tabitha E. Parke, Wilkinson.

Kyle D. Wilson, Greenfield, to Micaela J. Elmore, Greenfield.

James R. Gray, Greenfield, to Adrianne M. Graves, New Palestine.

Derek J. Bilyou, Greenfield, to Jeanette K. Mitchell, Greenfield.

Charles A. Clevenger, Greenfield, to Sonseerae E. Furman, Greenfield.

June 7

Beth A. Coy, New Palestine, to Nicki S. Wines Jr., New Palestine.

Frank R. Sturgill, Greenfield, to Jasmine B. Whitaker, Greenfield.

June 8

Frederick C. Dobson, Greenfield, to Lauren A. Deeter, Greenfield.

June 9

Jason A. Goodpaster, Lawrenceberg, KY, to Alyssa M. Marchok, Indianapolis.

Alex V. Freeman, Greenfield, to Jennifer K. Earlywine, Greenfield.

June 10

Phillip S. Borreggine, Indianapolis, to Karen R. Wilbur, New Palestine.

Julie L. Donley, Greenfield, to Mark S. Thomas, Mooresville.

June 13

Anthony L. Cox, Greenfield, to Katherine E. Tomes, Greenfield.

June 14

Troy A. Davis, Greenfield, to Esther J. McQueen, Greenfield.

Steven G. Stanley, Greenfield, to Heather R. Childers, Greenfield.

Kendell C. Wilson, New Palestine, to Rebecca D. Craig, Greenfield.

Alexander M. Hodge, Greenfield, to Caitlin M. Fox, Greenfield.

June 15

Stephanie Burtch, Greenfield, to Nicholas Mohler, Greenfield.

Scott D. Morgan, McCordsville, to Jennifer Budreau, McCordsville.

Clint R. Betkey, La Verne, CA, to Audrey K. Hiatt, New Palestine.

June 16

Laura A. Siefert, Greenfield, to Clara B. Hardwick, Greenfield.

June 17

Jason M. Holmes, Greenfield, to Lyndsay E. Everman, Bainbridge.

William J. George, Fairland, to Rosann G. Tunny, New Palestine.

James J. Meredith, Muncie, to Cheslea R. Mitchell, McCordsville.

Amanda N. Hough, New Palestine, to Steven M. Hall, New Palestine.

Whitney R. Hough, New Palestine, to Steven A. Squire, New Palestine.

June 20

Jason L. Forthman, Greenfield, to Brandi J. Gray, Greenfield.

Michael L. Morrow, Greenfield, to Mary E. Head, Noblesville.