Community deserves decent fairgrounds

To the editor:

Again, another county fair where weather affected events.

Rain delayed the style show on Sunday evening. Rain delayed the tractor pull, but I realized that event would be outside, and rain could affect it.

But really, county officials, politicians, powers that be — think forward 20 years. The youth of this county and all citizens need a decent fairgrounds.

All the businesses we have in this county now would probably gladly help sponsor buildings, barns, etc., with their names on them.

We need a decent event center in our county. Have you ever used the smelly bathrooms in the current 4-H building or used the inadequate kitchen for an event? I would gladly have my taxes raised some to help pave the way for a new fairgrounds. Move out east of town — more room, easy access for all.

Get your head out of the sand, and let’s build it.

Rosalie Hunt