Restaurant Inspections – June 30

The Hancock County Health Department inspects restaurants four times annually, and violations are labeled “C” for critical, “NC” for noncritical and “R” for repeated violations. The following inspections are based on information obtained from Retail Food Inspection Reports.

May 25

Jim Dandy Restaurant

Location: 80 W. McKenzie Road, Greenfield

Type of inspection: Routine

Violations found: C/R – mayo, tartar sauce, pies in customer display case too warm, corrected; C/R – pea salad and pasta salad not date marked, corrected; NC/R – some “fuzzies” on ceiling in prep area near back door, to be corrected by Aug. 1; NC/R – dipper well for ice cream scoop needs to have water running at all times during food service, corrected.

May 26


Location: 1571 N. State St., Greenfield

Type of inspection: Routine

Violations found: C – potentially hazardous foods (chicken pieces, ribs) that are being hot held must be held at 135 degrees or higher, corrected/discarded; C – turkey sub and toddler nutrition powder expired, corrected/discarded; C – ready to eat potentially hazardous foods such as pasta salad and macaroni salad must be date marked when held longer than 24 hours, corrected/discarded; NC – equipment and utensils need to be washed to remove food debris and oil/grease, rinse and sanitized, to be corrected by May 26; NC – three-compartment sink shall not be used to wash hands, corrected; NC/R – clean floors, equipment and shelving in deli/bakery area where food debris has accumulated, to be corrected by Aug. 1.