Like it or not, opinion page welcomes all views

To the editor:

Many in our society seem to have a problem coming to terms with the “T” element of the LGBT community. I was glad to see Christy Meyer’s letter (“Transgenders aren’t the real problem,” June 7, A6), on the Opinion page, criticizing a columnist for referring to transgender people as perverts.

Meyer’s well-written comments need no elaboration; that’s not why I’m writing.

However, blaming the Daily Reporter for running an intolerant column is not fair. It was printed on the Opinion page, which cannot be worth reading (in my opinion!) if any viewpoints, no matter how ignorant or hateful, are censored.

Once in a while, our local columnists surprise me by viewing issues in a unique way, and I’m glad to know that the Daily Reporter doesn’t censor them.

I have been both delighted and appalled by their various columns. If we want to praise or criticize anything the columnists write, we can write a letter to the editor.

Rita McBride