Real Estate – June 23

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

May 9

Gary L. and Carol A. Pence to Jackson County Bank, 367 Shadow Creek Pass, Greenfield, $64,6500.

Jim C. and Ruth A. Alewine to Casey J. and Kristen R. Flood, 8008 E County Road 650N, Brown Township, $214,000.

Odis J. and Doris P. Denny to Robert L. and Clara C. King, E. Fifth St., Greenfield, $12,000.

Jackson County Bank to Gary L. and Carol A. Pence, 334 Shadow Creek Pass, Greenfield, $64,500.

Exodus 2006 LLC to Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP, 6540 W. May Apple Drive, McCordsville, $90,640.

Jason M. and Virginia L. Blosser to Shaun R. and Elizabeth A. Kirkwood, 12213 E. 21st St., Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $129,000.

Mary P. Draper to Randal J. Maricle, 3132 S. County Road 500W,Sugar Creek Township, $125,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Robert M. Day, 12 W. Junction St., Center Township, $20,000.

May 10

Bradley M. and Anna E. Simpson to Tyler D. and Kylie M. Smothers, 4567 W. Bradford Court, New Palestine, $160,500.

James M. and Darlena T. Brolin to Jennifer Reyes and Adrian Reyes-Corona, 216 N. Delaware St., Shirley, $90,000.

Bevo LLC to Arbor Homes LLC, 737 Prospector Drive, Greenfield, $41,000.

Leslie Cullen to Jeffrey and Victoria Vo, 12101 Sunrise Court, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $218,000.

Pamela K. Elsey to Heather R. Sell, 2067 Sunshine Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $130,000.

Paul W. Amberger to Greg A. Davis and Dakota L. Brock, 4093 S. Stonebridge Court, New Palestine, $180,000.

Katelyn N. Greider and John L. Cass to Bridget Stover, 645 Florence Drive, Greenfield, $100,000.

Richard A. Michele B. Hays to David C. and Tina Bly, 2115 Osman Lane, Buck Creek Township, $173,900.

R & F Development Inc. to Jeffrey and Joanna Mulligan, 4478 S. Ridgeview Drive, Brandywine Township, $39,695.

Paul R. Corlew to Kayla R. Haskett, 5615 N. Peppereel Way, Buck Creek Township, $140,000.

Baron K. and Andrea N. Gambrel to Vince and Jennifer Stout, 5605 N. Peppereel Way, Buck Creek Township, $136,000.

Sarah L. Johnson to Rebecca L. Patrick, 113 N. Lakeview Court, Greenfield, $142,500.

SW REO Trust 2014-1 to Patrick Holiday, 8748 N. County Road 500W, Vernon Township, $74,000.

Arbor Homes LLC to John and Michelle Miller, 1077 Shale Drive, Fortville, $210,458.

May 11

John L. and Marcia M. Kellner to Carey L. and Wendy E. Johnson, 3469 S. Southway Drive, New Palestine, $224,000.

Richard I. and Starlette Ragsdale to Debra C. Clayton, 4345 W. Woodbridge Lane, New Palestine, $250,000.

Robert L. Kiser to Dave A. and Kathy S. Kiser, 4453 W. Cornerstone Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $136,500.

Steven P. and Kathern C. Brown to Scott O. Greider, 2866 S. Morristown Pike, Brandywine Township, $178,000.

Curtis E. Bordenkircher to Richard and Melissa Young, 1845 Kingen Drive, Greenfield, $114,000.

Darrel E. Driscoll to Jimmie R. and Donna L. Rust, 211 Punkin Court, Greenfield, $127,000.

Premier Home Services LLC to Nicholas M. Hochstedler, 715 Sedgewick Lane, Greenfield, $134,000.

Aric K. and Autumn N. Geesaman to Cody A. Kline, 221 Jewell Lane, Greenfield, $158,900.

May 12

Burklow D. Merlau, Kathy M. Rhyne, Christopher Merlau, Donna Merlau to H. Gene Brune, 248 S. County Road 500W, Sugar Creek Township, $112,500.

Mary J. Reigel to SquareOne Company LLC, 64 First St., Wilkinson, $32,500.

Tracy and Christine Hines to Michael Fowler and Sharon and Dan and Kendra R. Horton, 7261 N. County Road 1125E, Brown Township, $420,000.

James K. III and Angela Holmes to Stacie Talley and Bradley Talley, 7366 N. County Road 1125E, Brown Township, $98,000.

Edward F. Ward Jr. and Christine Baylor-Ward to Paul R. White and Alice K. White, 1366 N. Winchester Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $234,900.

Phyllis Graybiel to Deborah Magga, 909 Kirkpatrick Place, Greenfield, $155,000.

Jeannine A. Reed to Katie L. Strifler, 1615 Copeland Farms Drive, Greenfield, $131,000.

Morris and Carolyn S. Titus to Charles M. Titus, 9705 N. County Road 500E, Green Township, $262,000.