Marriage Licenses – June 15

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

May 4

Michaela P. Hurd, Greenfield, to Ryan J. Evans, Greenfield.

Katie E. Romoser, New Palestine, to Lee C. Phillabaum, Syracuse.

Craig K. Hudson, Greenfield, to Michelle N. Coffer, Greenfield.

Jerrod M. Gordon, McCordsville, to Chandler J. Tremain, Noblesville.

May 5

Joshua A. Johnson, Greenfield, to Erica M. Cosmos, Algonquin, IL.

Erin C. Brown, McCordsville, to Eli S. Hannoy, McCordsville.

May 6

Emily D. Rushton, Greenfield, to Gus L. Linde, Greenfield.

William K. Thompson, McCordsville, to Nicole M. Reed, Greenwood.

Taylor Kostoff, New Palestine, to Jordan Spera, Indianapolis.

Paula Leffel, Greenfield, to William Weldon, Greenfield.

May 9

Michael J. Durazo, Canton, MI, to Lindsay N. Morris, McCordsville.

Louis C. Blanton, McCordsville, to Shawna R. Polston, Indianapolis.

David A. Edwards, Greenfield, to Jessica T.S. Spears, Greenfield.

May 10

Eric K. Goff, Pendleton, to Kayla M. Wiggins, McCordsville.

William Bretton Hodge, Greenfield, to Hannah R. Faidley, New Palestine.

Larry L. Vester, Greenfield, to Lorna A. De Guzman, Greenfield.

May 11

Derrick Moore, Indianapolis, to Jennifer Chambers, New Palestine.

Joshua R. Holloway, Shirley, to Anna R. Carson, Fairmount.

Kirstin N. Kiefer, New Palestine, to John G. Cordell, Morristown.

Trent Qualkinbush, New Palestine, to Deborah Winely, Fountaintown.

Kaleigh M. Hatchel, Fortville, to Derek A. Smith, Fortville.

May 12

Tronika McFarland, Greenfield, to Allan-Michael Bills, Greenfield.

Edward F. Thomas II, Greenfield, to Lisa A. Hupp, Greenfield.

Mallory J. Cash, Greencastle, to Kolby C. Ruble, Wilkinson.

May 13

Ronne L. Dewester, Greenfield, to Megan E. Ensing, Greenfield.

Emily N. Moeller, New Palestine, to Conner J.R. Stoffel, Bluffton.

Joseph M. Demske, Osceola, to Lillian Edwards, McCordsville.

Jonathon R. Vandersol, Indianapolis, to Ashley N. McCormack, McCordsville.

Katharina R. Lewman, Shirley, to Ronald M. Hardman, Shirley.

May 17

Nicholas A, Bowlby, Greenfield, to Amber R. Riley, Greenfield.

May 18

Tyler J. McIntyre, McCordsville, to Kara J. Gentry, McCordsville.

Seth A. Rowe, Indianapolis, to Alison L. M. Bragdon, Indianapolis.

Andrew J. Jessup, Greenfield, to Tara R. Wilkinson, Greenfield.

May 19

Mitzi A. Cecil, Greenfield, to Brian J. McCarthy Jr., Greenfield.

Hannah Klenotic, Greenfield, to Jonathan Latham, New Castle.

May 20

Frederic C. Lord, New Palestine, to Taylor R. Kennedy, Greenfield.

Stephen A. Stashevsky, Fishers, to Leslie R. Appleby, Greenfield.

Melanie Bourdeau, Greenfield, to Dean Johnson Jr., Shelbyville.

May 23

Courtney M. Greisl, Carmel, to Christopher T. Wood, McCordsville.

Marlin D. Gross, Greenfield, to, Abby L. Hardin, New Palestine.

May 24

Julie M. Rowe, Fountaintown, to Nathaniel J. Agee, Greenfield.

Christopher E. Waite, Greenfield, to Natasha D. Bowman, Shelbyville.

May 25

Matthew W. Sturges, Greenfield, to Rachelle L. Schutt, Greenfield.

David J. Sall, Greenfield, to Lindsay A. Sharpless, Fountaintown.

Mark A. Smalley, Fountaintown, to Hope K. Doyle, Fishers.

Urcelina Jenkins, McCordsville, to Jason Bradley, McCordsville.

May 26

John R. Beagle, Greenfield, to Sarah A. Brandle, Greenfield.

April D. Kerkhof, Greenfield, to Maximi T. St. Jago, Greenfield.

May 27

Candice M. Plummer, McCordsville, to Anderson M. Dueser, McCordsville.

Callie Dennison, Bartlett, IL, to Trae Heeter, McCordsville.

May 31

Karisa R. Kerber, Greenfield, to Joshua J. Ramage, Shirley.

Bradan W. Sharritts, Pendleton, to Brooke A. Moore, Greenfield.

Dwight D. Patton, Greenfield, to Angelica Echavez, Chicago, IL.

George A. Gwinnup, Greenfield, to Elle L. Fields, Knightstown.

Dakota L. Kelley, Greenfield, to Sarah E. Gustin, Charlottesville.

William J. Hukill, Indianapolis, to Mae M. Davis, Greenfield.

Nigel I. Fox, Greenfield, to Paige N. Davidson, Greenfield.

Rachael M. Nicholson, Greenfield, to Matthew D. Escue, Greenfield.