Officer memorial ceremony proved fitting tribute

To the editor:

On May 15, 2016, the Hancock County FOP Lodge held a memorial service for our fallen Officers in Hancock County. This service was well-attended by the public. I hope this will become an annual event locally, and more people will attend to show respect for these fallen officers and to support their families.

These officers dedicated themselves to serving the people of Hancock County and the state of Indiana. Capt. Malcolm E. Grass, Cpl. Dannie R. Garrison, Indiana Department of Natural Resources Sgt. Karl Kelley and Ptlm. William E. Phillips III served the citizens of Hancock County selflessly until their deaths.

I would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their help and support of this event.

Andree’s Florist of Greenfield donated a beautiful silk flower wreath that can be used for several years to come. Marsh Supermarket donated a full sheet cake for the reception following the service. Perfect Fourth, a quartet consisting of Ian Cole, Evan Fontaine, John Schaefer and Schuyler Jenson from Greenfield-Central High School, sang the National Anthem. Sam Calvert, a Greenfield-Central High School Student and Eagle Scout, played Taps. Klancey Zubowski designed the street pole banners that hung in downtown Greenfield; Greenfield Police Chief Jester and Sheriff Mike Shepherd purchased them.

There are several other people that helped make this memorial service possible, but they are too numerous to list. Thank you all.

Chuck McMichael

Hancock County FOP Lodge 140