Sound Off – June 11

•A wise man once said 50 years from now, no one will care anyhow.

•The Greenfield City Council already donates $200,000 annually to nonprofit organizations and now is being asked for another $25,000 to fund an alcoholic rehabilitation project. While some would say these are worthy causes, others would say this is not the function of government. Taxes are supposed to fund public safety, schools and road repairs. If people want to support nonprofits, they should voluntarily donate their own money to their causes. People should not be forced into the position of supporting these programs with their tax dollars.

•A big thank you to the gentleman who treated me to breakfast on May 12 at 10:30 a.m. at the Greenfield Bob Evans. I was so sad thinking about my deceased husband. You brought sunshine to my day.

•I know we all have busy lives, and everyone is always in a hurry, but maybe we need to stop and think because we don’t know what someone else is going through. We all have things going on in our lives, but it’s not hard to just say to yourself, “this person could be battling something.”

•Shout out to Greenfield-Central High School ComedySportz team. These kids are amazingly talented.

•What would our legislators do if one of their wives or daughters had a tubal pregnancy? I bet they would have the woman go out of the state to save her life.

•The post office carriers of Greenfield would like to thank those of you who gave food for the Stamp Out Hunger can food drive on May 7. Thank you for helping fill the food bank empty shelves.

•I am fed up with selfish people who insist on having wood-burning campfires in their backyards. The smoke stinks up the whole neighborhood and makes it impossible for people with allergies to enjoy evenings outside.

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