People who are transgender aren’t the problem

To the editor:

It is an understatement at best to say I am dismayed and disappointed in the content of a recently published opinion in “Your View” as well as the publishing of such a piece of bigotry.

To call a transgender person a pervert is nothing less than bigotry and such ignorance should not garner the acknowledgement of the press. Discrimination is not allowed based on race or religion and should not be tolerated on gender identity either.

This is not “being politically correct”– but merely being a decent human being.

Transgender persons have been using the restroom for hundreds of years. Persons who are truly out to harm our children, women and men are the ones we should be worried about — not the transgender community.

Promoting such bigotry is being blind to the true meaning of transgender. Trying to change a person’s gender identity is no more successful than trying to change a person’s sexual orientation — it just does not work.

Christy Meyer