Public had plenty of time in past to question fairgrounds

To the editor: 

With regard to Shelton Oakes’ letter to the editor (April 23, A4), my two youngest sons and grandson and granddaughter were 10-year members of Hancock County 4-H. It was a concern from the start and I never let them attend the fair alone because of the VFW drinking hole across the street, etc.

How is it over $7.5 million for Pott’s Ditch? It could have waited longer. Talk about property taxes!

This backstabbing is going on over plans that have been on display since 2004.

I’ve been voting since age 18. Since when is the Letter to the Editor the space for political prompting, though I did vote for Mr. Armstrong.

I could refer you to something that happened at the Cherokee Reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina. Former chief Wilma Mankiller taught the young and the elders on the reservation how pennies make a nickel and keep on until you have a dollar. They built a $6 million top-of-the-line elementary, junior high and high school in front of a mountainside. At the end of four years, it was about paid for when unexpectedly she died from pancreatic cancer.

Your closing comment, make an informed decision. My decision is I pray you’re not involved in anything concerning the Hancock County Fairgrounds.

Lois M. Coe