Real Estate – June 1

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

April 27

Carter R. and Beth R. Bailey to HP Indiana 1 LLC, 325 E. Delaware St., Fortville, $131,500.

Yeley’s Properties Family Limited Partnership to Larry and Sarah Souders, 212 Poplar St., Fortville, $41,500.

Tyler C. and Rachel M. Larson to Alison L. Obermeyer, 5820 W. Bayfield Drive, McCordsville, $159,500.

RH of Indiana LP to Eric M. Anderson and Jennifer N. Bozek, 5530 Pelican Court, McCordsville, $271,110.

Gerald and Dorothy L. Rockey to Monique A. Collins, 315 E. Osage St., Greenfield, $60,000.

R & F Development Inc. to Pyatt Builders LLC, 4329 W. Havens Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $94,500.

ARLP Trust 2 to REI SFR Sub LLC, 2450 Autumn Road, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $10.

R & F Development Inc. to Pyatt Builders LLC, 4357 W. Havens Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $94,500.

R & F Development Inc. to Pyatt Builders LLC, 4389 W. Havens Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $94,500.

April 28

Securitization Servicing Agreement dated as of Aug. 1 Structured Asset Securities Corporation to Ray Rapchak Holdings Inc., 4552 N. County Road 600W, Buck Creek Township, $53,594.

Mark Elsbury and Thomas Fielder to Karin C. Simpson, 126 Grandison Road, Greenfield, $104,500.

William and Wilma J. Baker to Ruby Simmons and Rhonda Ludwig, E. County Road 1000N, Green Township, $15,000.

R & F Development Inc. to Sugar Creek Township, S. County Road 500W, Sugar Creek Township, $134,250.

Ashley N. and Brian C. Partin to Donald L. and Linda L. Ray, 8141 Mt. Vernon Way, Vernon Township, $217,500.

Bank of America NA to Matthew S. Dixon, 213 Pearl St., Fortville, $58,650.

Bryan C. Harper to Austin J. Wilson, 7110 Lyndhurst Crossing, McCordsville, $141,500.

Billy Sr. and Beverly J. Swafford to Wiper Corporation, 2648 E. Steele Ford Road, Center Township, $35,000.

Jerry W. and Beatrice Montgomery to Wiper Corporation, 3 Cameron Lane, Center Township, $60,000.

Ann E. Gardner to Cary E. and Debra L. Teeple, 387 W. County Road 200N, Center Township, $355,000.

James E. and Susan K. Sherwood to Amanda and Jose G. Cuautle-Ramirez and Randall D. Stant, 283 Sweetheart Court, Greenfield, $125,000.

Kerry A. and Jennifer D. Dematos to Corey A. Roland, 512 Bridgewater Drive, Greenfield, $134,900.

Michael D. and Deana L. Hancock to Daniel W. and Brianne N. Fletcher, 8672 E. County Road 450S, Blue River Township, $750,000.

Michael Pfeiffer to Tracy Neal, 218 E. Main St. Greenfield, $95,000.

April 29

Kyle D. White to Sarah M. Xique, 6901 W. Dover Place, Buck Creek Township, $134,000.

Christopher and Katie Cook to Joshua L. Rea, 603 W. Sixth St., Greenfield, $99,900.

RH of Indiana LP to Scott A. and Tori L. Wisker, 5548 Pelican Court, McCordsville, $308,120.