News flash: You’ve used same facilities as transgender people

This is what you get when we insist on following the constitution only when it is convenient.

As the father of a daughter, I most definitely wouldn’t want strange men using public bathrooms with her. Something that needs to be pointed out to all of us, though, is that at some point in time, each of us has used a restroom at the same time as a transgender person. You most likely made it out un-scarred and probably unknowing.

Something that you should also know is that our kids don’t have to fear transgenders. Unfortunately, it’s the uncles, close friends, teachers and people that remarkably look a lot like you and me that are most likely to assault our daughters (and yes, our sons, too).

All of this mess has been caused by you, your parents, their parents | and all of those parents going back to the beginning of the country. Every time a politician has decided to buy votes by “fixing” a problem with government money at the expense of the constitution, we have contributed to the issue before us — men (and women) sharing bathrooms.

You’ve sold your kids to Caesar and the government’s local schools and colleges.

Here is what is going to happen next: Lawsuits will be filed, and hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars will go to the lawyers. Then it will be approved that all buildings that receive government money will have to make accommodations.

Then additional millions of dollars will be spent retrofitting current bathrooms and showers to accommodate the needs or by adding additional facilities for them. Then, conservatives will find their way back into power, and a portion of this mess will be rescinded (just a portion, though, because they don’t want to lose votes).

Interestingly enough, Ally McBeal made this work without the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Some of you oldsters remember the quirky TV show where the lawyers shared one common restroom. I think I even remember a transgender plotline weaved through the series and not one hint of a sexual assault.

Remarkably, like Ally McBeal, most private businesses will start addressing the need without the government’s heavy hand. Private business will either see the need and accommodate it voluntarily or will be forced by customers that have stopped being customers. We see that happen often and is probably the best way to do it.

Unfortunately, you’ve already given your kids to Caesar, so you are less likely to be able to take them to another school.

Phil Miller of Greenfield is the former chair of the Hancock County Libertarian Party. He also served on the Greenfield City Council.