Real Estate – May 27

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

April 4

Edward E. and Kristie L. Rishel to Melissa J. Glazier, 1789 W. State Road 234, Vernon Township, $159,500.

James E. Holiday to Robert B. Eckart, 35 S. Bittner Road, New Palestine, $75,000.

Jarrod D. Bradbury to Keith D. Grant, 4164 Kelly Drive, New Palestine, $183,500.

Brinton and Darci Gray to Dustin C. Gray, 1641 Kingen Drive, Greenfield, $106,827.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Gerald Bernhardt Jr., 1108 E. Fifth St., Greenfield, $52,500.

Gary L. and Carol A. Pence to Brian E. and Danielle Fulciniti, 460 N. Meridian Road, Center Township, $134,500.

April 5

Carylon S. Jones to AAA Property Investments LLC, 1517 N. County Road 700W, Buck Creek Township, $160,000.

April 6

Theodore and Vivian Harmon to Bruce Sutton and Lynne Parker, 6888 E. County Road 600W, Blue River Township, $255,000.

Zed Z. Hott to William G. and Cheryl D. Harding, 3789 S. Fallow Trail, Sugar Creek Township, $165,000.

Yuchol and Jennifer A. Kim to Joshua and Belinda Hobbs, 1145 N. County Road 100W, Center Township, $386,000.

Eagleston Heritage Farms LLC to Michael R. and Rhonda G. Mitchell, 1136 E. County Road 300N, Center Township, $566,951.

Michael D. and Natasha Frady to Kevin Painter, 3889 Arrowhead Court, Center Township, $204,000.

Lewis S. and Amanda H. Wooton to Jeremy and Jill Orcutt, 7568 W. Village Way, Sugar Creek Township, $256,500.

April 7

Donald V. and Shirley L. Harper Joint Revocable Trust to Kimberly Mason, 2274 W. County Road 400N, Buck Creek Township, $158,000.

April 8

David Byerly to David M. and Amanda Dodd, 7078 W. Anton Way, Sugar Creek Township, $245,000.

Brandon Rippel to Stefanie and Theodore W. Vestal, 1633 N. County Road 700W, Buck Creek Township, $157,000.

April 13

Jason T. Reuter to US Bank NA, 5667 N. Jamestown Drive, Buck Creek Township, $133,322.

Robert C. and Arnella Bragdon to LSF9 Master Participation Trust, 6311 E. Third St., Brown Township, $83,485.

Magdalena M. Snyder to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1652 N. Blue Road, Greenfield, $80,400.

James D. Walker to LSF9 Master Participation Trust, 2109 Anita Lane, Buck Creek Township, $146,543.

William M. and Shyla M. Stone and Life Estate for Flora M. Stone to Mary A. Reinhardt,1020 E. McClarnon Drive, Greenfield, $120,000.

April 14

Atlantic Investments LLC to Carley and Courtney Bush, 5963 N. Rockingham Lane, Buck Creek Township, $105,100.

April 15

Kevin L. and Leah M. Sears to Ty Kavanaugh, 5633 N. Jefferson Drive, Buck Creek Township, $139,900.

Lisa M. Neligh to Doe Creek Properties, 1106 Fox Trail Drive West, Sugar Creek Township, $114,801.

Thomas W. and Marilyn P. Chisler to Wesley O. and Brooke N Richter, 5883 N. Fortville Pike, Center Township, $139,900.

Frank D. and Vanessa Lee to Jason T. and Paula A. Hockett, 4830 S. Mud Creek Court, Sugar Creek Township, $334,000.

Monte W. and Amy M. McCarroll to Zachary A. Pritchett, 6125 W. County Road 500N, Buck Creek Township, $140,000.

April 18

Michael J. and Michelle M. Hoovler to James E. and Susan K. Sherwood, 98 Cranberry Drive, Center Township, $165,000.

April 19

Mark A. and Jennifer S. Bradshaw to Thomas E. Griffith, 179 S. East St., Jackson Township, $77,500.

Jonathan D. and Kelly J. Witter to Federal National Mortgage Association, 7280 W. Glendale Lane, Buck Creek Township, $131,550.

Teresa McIver to Brian and Arlene Cornett, 6724 W. Philadelphia Drive, Buck Creek Township, $125,000.

Donald B. and Carrie M. Bellew to Jerome Bow, 4714 W. County Road 150N, Buck Creek Township, $110,000.

April 20

Beth A. Doyle to Kevin J. and Darcy L. Carr, 4317 W. Summerhaven Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $175,000.

Jose Sampoll to Charles T. Jr. and Mary A. Bailey, 5623 N. Jefferson Drive, Buck Creek Township, $155,000.

David and Meghan Yandell to Cheryl A. Morris, 6239 County Road E. 100S, Blue River Township, $280,000,

Del Asher to Steven Norris, 5289 W. Village Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $17,000.

Mary Whitmer and Mary C. Hammer to Certificateholders of the CWABS Inc. 2316 W. Walnut St., Sugar Creek Township, $31,634.

Charles H. and Saundra R. Theobald to Ronald W. Holbrook, 1731 E. Greyhawk Way, Brandywine Township, $450,000.