Marriage Licenses – May 24

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

April 12

Steven F. Doyle, New Palestine, to Pamela A. Ford, New Palestine.

Charles J. Barr, Greenfield, to Lisa M. Hirschauer, Greenfield.

Sherri L. Brown, Greenfield, to Norman J. Shaw, Greenfield.

April 13

Caitlin Webster, Greenfield, to Kyle Robbins, Greenfield.

April 15

Lisa Bogemann, Greenfield, to Charles Allen, Yorktown.

Christina M. Chandler, Greenfield, to Thomas M. Applegate, Greenfield.

James A. Batka, Greenfield, to Annah L. Palatinus, Greenfield.

Lucas G. Keay, Monticello, to Brittany M. Polk, New Palestine.

April 18

Sherry A. Philpot, Fortville, to Joel C. Earley, Fortville.

Kimberly D. Ellenberger, Greenfield, to Drake A. Zeigler, Greenfield.

Brian D. Davis, Greenfield, to Kimberly A. Phillips, Greenfield.

April 22

Alicia A. Strode, McCordsville, to Dionel A. Graham, McCordsville.

Lacey J. Miller, Greenfield, to Andrew D. Barrett, Greenfield.

Christopher M. Johnson, Greenfield, to Brooke N. Cosby, Greenfield.

Mariah L. Lafary, McCordsville, to Darin M. Landers, McCordsville.

Michael G. Kriner Jr., McCordsville, to Janice P. Amparado, Fortville.

Morgan L. Viars, Greenfield, to Paul M. Matthews, New Castle.

April 25

Lisa M. Hutchinson, New Palestine, to James A. Marcum III, New Palestine.

Robert A. Brown, Greenfield, to Patricia A. Hutchinson, Fortville.

Kalyn Rose, McCordsville, to Tyler Griffin, McCordsville.

Summer L. Bowling, Fortville, to David L. Bowling, Fortville.

April 26

Cory A. Alter, Greenfield, to Bethanie L. Embry, Greenfield.

Brooke Baker, Greenfield, to Jordan M. Bruns, Greenfield.

April 27

Gretchen R. Shively, Greenfield, to Isaac C. Dannelley, Greenfield.

April 28

Floyd R. Sturgill, Greenfield, to Diane R. Lee, Greenfield.

Kari L. Reece, Fortville, to Brian O. Eastridge, Fortville.

Alicia N. Mize, Greenfield, to Scott W. Adair, Greenfield.

Dustin L. Davis, Greenfield, to Marie M. Marocco, Greenfield.

April 29

Elizabeth A. Stewart, Greenfield, to Allen N. Carroll, Greenfield.

Daniel F. Quintana, Indianapolis, to Terri L. McCalley, McCordsville.