Real Estate – May 10

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

March 3

Brittney B. Sholler to Shaun and Holli B. Hollering, 8685 N. Commonview Drive, McCordsville, $260,000.

Pedcor Investments LLC to Village Capital Corporation, Switch Grass Drive, Center Township, $103,662.

Cynthia A. Scalf to Jeffery Jr. and Vanessa Hairston, 7060 N. Lyndhurst Crossing, McCordsville, $184.900.

Mark Ozment to Donna J. and Emmanuel E. Keller, 1016 N. School St., Greenfield, $47,000.

Seller (not listed) to Hancock County Board of Commissioners, 5503 W. County Road 300N, Buck Creek Township, $2,500.

Derek Rozzell and Stormy Mohr to Jason A. Thompson, 433 S. Third St., Wilkinson, $67,000.

Salvador D. and Kelly J. Diaz to Gozel Berkeliyeva, 2325 E. Mill Stream Drive, Center Township, $187,000.

Martin B. Dishman to James P. Ray, 1284 Worchester Way, Greenfield, $144,900.

Citimortgage Inc. to Travis Jones and Ashley Jones, 625 Streamside Drive, Greenfield, $147,400.

William R. and Marilyn W. Dailey to Lori Spurgeon, 9731 N. Briarway Lane, McCordsville, $275,000.

March 4

Timothy Smith to John J. Armstrong II, 1486 N. Manchester, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $235,000.

Iona McCullough, David A. and Kathy L. Shaw to David A. and Kathy L. Shaw, N. Buck Creek Road, Buck Creek Township, $212,500.

Robert D. and Susan K. Hall to Jason A. and Christine Wagner, 1343 Bluebird Drive, Greenfield, $174,500.

Levi Land LLC to Timberstone Development LLC, S. County Road 400W, New Palestine, $850,000.

M/I Homes of Indiana LP to James T. Reed, 7142 W. Mayer Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $264,345.

Westport Homes Inc. to Michael S. and Cindy L. Ballinger, 1789 N. Creekwater Pass, Buck Creek Township, $215,815.

Timothy G. and Kim N. Clark to Joni E. Howell, 1154 Cricket Reel Drive, Greenfield, $334,000.

Susan K. McDowell to TAH Holding LP, 945 Center St., Greenfield, $115,000.

Fisher Homes Indianapolis LP to Katie and Taylor Lenon, 8652 N. Tanglewood Circle, McCordsville, $312,000.

Dawn A. and Mark E. Ulry to Timothy G. and Kim H. Clark, 1724 E. Greyhawk Way, Brandywine Township, $377,500.

Geneva E. Garrett and William R. Stewart to David M. and Katelyn A. Thrush, 8701 N. Ricks Drive West, Vernon Township, $129,900.

Pulte Homes of Indiana LLC to Cindy Woolf, 5775 W. Commonview Drive, McCordsville, $178,650.

March 7

Brent J. McClarnon to Garren L. and Jessica R. Harter, 271 Bear Story Court, Greenfield, $119,700.

Cartus Financial Corporation to Noah G. and Valerie Jaehnert, 6471 W. Clearview Drive, McCordsville, $366,000.

Michael D. Jr. and Susan L. Bullard to Jarrod and Tabitha P. Davis, 117 Forest Ave, Greenfield, $107,000.

Apter Properties LLC to Michael T. and Mabel T. Hardman, 910 Runnymede Drive, Greenfield, $133,900.

Judith A. Cain Revocable Trust to PHB & Associates LLC, 409 Hamilton St., Fortville, $45,000.

March 8

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP, 5548 W. Woodhaven Drive, Vernon Township, $35,674.

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP, 8650 N. Brookside Blvd., McCordsville, $101,435.

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP, 8628 N. Tanglewood Circle, McCordsville, $101,435.

Mabeline Hammons to Paul Dix, 61 N. Eastern Village Drive, Jackson Township, $124,900.

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP, 5518 W. Woodstock Trail, McCordsville, $49,463.

Apter Properties LLC & MidAmerica Enterprises LLC to Jamie L. Jefferson, 146 N. Buck Creek Road, Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $83,500.

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP, 8588 N. Tanglewood Circle, McCordsville, $53,555.

Gary D. and Mary J. McCoy to Brandon M. and Jessica F. Deluhery, 2368 S. Brandywine Trail, Brandywine Township, $145,000.

Fischer Development Co. II Inc. to Fischer Homes of Indianapolis LP, 2472 Cabin Hill Road, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $25,888.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Daymark Master Trust, 615 E. Main St., Greenfield, $23,000.

Donald L. Chandler to Heath A. Kimberlin, 703 Brook St., Greenfield, $101,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Stevens Rentals LLC,103 Thompson Road, Greenfield, $55,000.

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP, 6478 W. Riverside Road, McCordsville, $52,830.