Sound Off – April 30

•John Priore has worked very hard for the taxpayers of Hancock County. He is not an obstructionist, but rather has sought common sense solutions for many issues. He deserves our support and vote for county council.

•A recent editorial was critical of the State Board of Education for not continuing to track the number of high school students requiring remediation in college and called for higher Core 40 graduation requirements.

It isn’t the quantity of courses in high school that is the problem, it’s the quality. Newspapers are published for readers with an eighth-grade comprehension level. Perhaps papers need to acknowledge, like the State Board of Education, not everyone should be going to college nor do all students need to be college ready.

The missing word here is career ready. Gov. Mike Pence campaigned to be the vocational governor four years ago, but I haven’t seen that much has been done in that area.

•Wednesday, March 30, front page headline was “Candidates weigh options for jail”… I think most of them should probably go.

•Being a “lifelong resident” of the county isn’t exactly a compelling reason for me to vote for you. Some of our most prolific child molesters, embezzlers and drug dealers are also lifelong residents of Hancock County.

•Reply to the letter to the editor crying foul over a candidate running for county council accusing him of nepotism: Look up the definition of the word before you use it. Nepotism — showing favor to friends or relatives in the form of giving them jobs.

There’s no giving of any jobs. If you don’t like or trust the candidate, then you have 10 others to select from.

•Thanks to all 911 operators!

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