GREENFIELD — Residents of an area senior living community have found themselves the unlikely rescuers of newly-hatched ducklings.

At least two flocks of ducklings being led to a pond in the 55-plus neighborhood have recently fallen into storm drains, distressing their mothers and causing residents to leap to the rescue, said property manager Linda Beasley.

The first group of rescued ducklings was hatched just outside resident Jo Schweitzer’s front door. She noticed the mother duck struggling to reach her ducklings and enlisted the help of fellow residents Ray Lester, Deb Putt, Brenda Lester, and Dora and Etsel Davis.

Ray Lester used Etsel Davis’s fishing net to scoop the hatchlings out of the storm drain and into a bucket, after which he placed them in the shallows in the close-by pond, where they were reunited with their parents.

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A second group of ducklings was rescued by a workman who was at the site, Beasley said; after this rescue attempt, Stonehurst Pointe staff decided to line the sewer grates with screening to protect the young waterfowl from the long drop.

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