Marriage Licenses – April 27

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

March 1

Chelsea Harrison, Greenfield, to William Pedigo, Greenfield.

Larry L. Vester, Greenfield, to Lorna A. De Guzman, Greenfield.

Cheryl D. Johnson, Knightstown, to Theodore J. Rath, New Palestine.

James D. Silvey, Greenfield, to Miranda L. Switzer, Pendleton.

March 2

Kevin D. Dalton, Greenfield, to Lisa V. Civitarese, Greenfield.

March 3

Robert K. Dillman, Zionsville, to Brenda M. Gartz, Greenfield.

March 4

Michael A. Killion, Greenfield, to Anthony H. Hofer, Greenfield.

Jean A. Lowhorn, New Palestine, to Steven D. Windham, New Palestine.

Brandi L. Arthur, Fortville, to Thomas H. Warner, Fortville.

Shannon J. Tolliver, Fortville, to Marienet M. Paulino, Fortville.

Richard Tucker, Fortville, to Natalie E. Helms, Fortville.

March 7

Hollis D. Ramsey, Morristown, to Meagan A. Smith, Greenfield.

March 11

Christopher M. Commander, Greenfield, to Tracey K. Hamilton, Greenfield.

Sharon A. Froella, Morristown, to Jerry L. Fox, Morristown.

March 15

Tyler Lyons, Greenfield, to Stephanie Melvin, Greenfield.

March 16

Timothy A. Harwood, Shirley, to Sheri R. Whisman, Shirley.

March 17

Glen E. Cockrell, Greenfield, to Brenda S. Cockrell, Greenfield.

Mark D. Richmond, Blanchester, OH, to Elisabeth Hunt, Wilmington, OH.

March 18

Holly M. Berebitsky, Greenfield, to Brant W. Petrey, Greenfield.

March 21

Andrea R. Brewer, McCordsville, to Scott P. Swim, McCordsville.

Danielle E. Irby, Fortville, to Zachary C. Maynard, Fortville.

March 23

Ashley R. Roembke, Greenfield, to Jacob C. Rawn, Greenfield.

March 28

Jeffrey W. Cook, Greenfield, to Deborah A. Slavey, Greenfield.

Shawn L. Elkins, Greenfield, to Tina M. Dyson, Greenfield.

Michael E. Reed, Greenfield, to Bobbi J. Hansen, Greenfield.

Deanna Hughes, Greenfield, to Wazzell Irving II, Greenfield.

March 30

Kathy L. Karlander, New Palestine, to James F. McGinn, New Palestine.

Wallace A. Althaus, Greenfield, to Melinda J. Curtis, Greenfield.

Alaine Sommer, New Castle, to Kyle Vanderford, New Palestine.

Katarina L. S. Harsha, McCordsville, to Adam C. Cesnik, McCordsville.

Anna Rhodes, McCordsville, to Michael J. Lamb, McCordsville.

March 31

Jody M. Lillyblade, Greenfield, to Ryan P. Smith, Greenfield.