Clinton can’t be trusted

To the editor:

We have Willy (perjury) Clinton who taught all the people they could lie and get away with it.

We have Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton who, with other government officials, didn’t come to the aid of those people. They let them get killed and allowed their bodies to be dragged through the streets. Then she had the audacity to say at a congressional hearing, with her hands raised, “What does it matter now?”

We have Wikileaks, which the U.S. wants to prosecute.

Well, Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton lied about putting top-secrets emails on her personal email account. She said they were not top-secret. Who is she to say they are or are not secret?

If, by chance (oh, I hope not), she gets to be president, will she do the same thing?

We have Jane (Hanoi) Fonda and now Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton, Wikileaks sisters!

Texan Plough