Family thankful for community support after young man’s death

Editor’s note: Kyle Gulley, 20, of Greenfield, an intern with the Sugar Creek Township Fire Department, was killed in a traffic accident last month (“Budding firefighter dies in crash,” March 5, A1).

To the editor:

The family of Kyle Ethan Gulley would to express our deepest gratitude to all who reached out to us with love, prayers, comfort and support during this very difficult time

We received countless messages, texts, cards, flowers, meals, prayers that were truly salve for our broken hearts. We received so much comfort from these huge gestures of love and support.

We simply cannot find the right words to convey how much we appreciate all that has been done in remembrance of our Kyle and to help our family move forward. Please accept our deepest thanks. Each and every offering made a difference and is treasured.

To our Sugar Creek firefighters, our Kyle was so looking forward to interning with you all. He started early and worked hard to complete his certifications, watched and waited for his turn to serve the community as a first-responder.

His final goal was to stand shoulder-to-shoulder within the brotherhood he had so long admired. You honored his life and his efforts in immeasurable ways that made our hearts burst with gratitude.

Thank you for carrying us through these hard times. I wish I could name each and every kindness that was given, but sadly, there simply isn’t enough room or paper to share all that you have done and continue to do.

To our Wayne Township fire family, you, too, have been a huge part of Kyle’s life, some of you even training Kyle in the art of firefighting.

Joining hands with fellow firefighters across the county showed that no matter what name is on the badge, you are all one family when the time comes. Thank you for everything you have done and the continued support you are giving.

To the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, thank you for all the understanding, time and effort you put forth into helping us understand that which is not truly understandable. We truly felt that you treated us you would a family member.

To the countless fire departments and law enforcement departments who offered their support to not only Sugar Creek Township Fire Department but our family, we will be forever grateful for everything you have done.

We fear we will have forgotten someone in the blur of our grief — not for lack of thankfulness but from the overwhelming kindness we have received. From the very second the tragedy occurred to the very time of this letter being penned, we have had nothing but love and support from everyone. We thank you.

We have received so much from so many that it is impossible to let everyone know the depth of our appreciation.

We have always loved the area where we lived and the folks that made up our Greenfield and New Palestine communities; little did we know just how wonderful you all truly are.

So many called, sent notes, flowers, meals and offered us every kind of help imaginable. Also, some stood for hours to offer us their love and sympathy in person. Many offered us up in prayer, and we felt that prayer holding us steady when we struggled.

There simply are no words that con convey the depth of our gratitude to everyone in this community. Thank you for blessing us with all the love and support, and thank you for just loving and honoring our precious Kyle.

The Gulley family