Real Estate – April 6

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Dec. 29

Helen S. and Robert L. Stanley to Ben T. King, N. County Road 600E, Brown Township, $5,000.

American Homes 4 Rent TRS LLC to Juancarlos D. and Carrie A. M. Jimes, 6889 W. Dover Place, Buck Creek Township, $133,000.

Todd and Tara Karr to Tara R. Karr, 1251 N Deer Run, Buck Creek Township, exempt.

Ronald E. and Janeen A. Weldy to Tommy A. and Megan R. Shively, 6809 W. Raleigh Drive, Buck Creek Township, $142,000.

Michael W. and Linda D. Simmons to Mike And Karole A. Gwinn, 7673 Deerfield Drive, Buck Creek Township, $244,000.

Estate of Earl C. McClammer to Charlie J. II and Charlie J. Sr. Anderson, 4590 N. Fortville Pike, Center Township, $130,000.

Lombardo Homes of Indiana LLC to Matthew and Kimberly Bryant, 937 Miller Court, Greenfield, $337,332.

Timothy J. and Rachael A. Purdy to Travis B. and Allison K. Albertson, 654 Indigo Court, Greenfield, $128,000.

Christopher W. and Rebecca A. Maurer, Gary A. and Karrie B. Lawson, 1298 Rosemary Court, Greenfield, $128,000.

Clarence B. and Katherine A. Halley-Ames to James D. York, 703 W. McKenzie Road, Greenfield, $79,900.

Resi Reo Sub LLC to Kenneth V. and Amber D. Kalal, 6904 N. County Road 50E, Green Township, $114,000.

Horner Industrial Services Inc. to Rhonda K. and Mahlon M. Butler, 5344 S. Stone Way, Sugar Creek Township, $317,500.

Jonathan L. and Sarah L. Palmer to Kerry D. and Sarah L. Short, 1204 Fox Trail Drive W., Sugar Creek Township, $212,000.

Vera A. Niendorf Liv. Trust to Sherri L. and Gary L. Dugger, 7416 W. Creekside Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $325,000.

Matrix Financial Serv. Corp. to Secretary of Housing, 321 Virginia St., Fortville, exempt.

Estate of Ernest V. Oden to Steven D. and Joan A. Crooks, 541 Cherry Blossom Lane, Fortville, $176,000.

Raymond and Dawn Summeier to Justin and Kristina Aldora, 6867 W. Odessa Way, McCordsville, $125,000.

Dec. 30

Jergen and Theresa L. Rieckhoff to Joseph R. Dietz, 725 W. Weber Drive, Brandywine Township, $129,900.

Brent E. Davis et. al. to Dana D. and Brenda L. Hamilton, 2698 E. County Road 500S, Brandywine Township, $80,000.

Donald B. and Nyla S. Craig to Craig D. Goodrick and Sarah M. Alden, 11557 E. County Road 700N, Brown Township, $105,500.

Michael R. and Helen A. Roney to Thomas R. Roney, 3008 W. County Road 400N, Buck Creek Township, $140,000.

Alliance HSP Greenfield LLC to Foamcraft Inc., W. County Road 200N, Buck Creek Township, $375,000.

James J. and Alicia G. Besinger to Duane R. and Donna F. Hammel, 302 Woodland W. Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $180,000.