Sound Off – April 2

•If everyone could resist the urge to post a hateful comment on Facebook and go watch kitten videos instead, the world would be a better place.

•I was very sad to hear that the local Greenfield “hunter” only received five days in jail and two years on probation for killing so many birds and wildlife. Where’s the justice?

•The debate over the fairground doesn’t end until the Hancock County Exposition Complex Corporation goes away. They will not let it end. So the sooner Commissioner Armstrong calls for the vote, the sooner the county gets a very nice new or renovated fairground, which will more than adequately meet the needs of our 4H-ers.

•Wasn’t it H. L. Mencken who said something to the effect that democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance? Just one of several thoughts inspired by the ongoing primary elections.

•Remember, Republicans, we’re not laughing at you but with you.

•Gov. Pence doesn’t like the federal review of his HIP 2.0 Plan because he can’t have an aide manipulate the review like he did with the “independent” review of the education department.

•Maybe Carrier should take a look at that flag it is flying.

•Let’s put this bonding versus paying down county cash reserves debate in perspective. Your car needs a $500 repair. You have $10,000 in the bank. Do you take out a $500 loan to pay for the car repair? Of course not. So why does the county council continue to issue bonds and incur debt when they have ample cash reserves? It’s simple. They don’t manage public funds with the same common sense with which they handle their own finances.

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