LGBT community deserves local support


LGBT community deserves support from local residents

To the editor:

I am a gay man and a current citizen of Hancock County. I had seen your article pertaining to LGBT rights (“LGBT rights not on radar: Local officials say residents haven’t made requests,” March 22, A1”), and I feel more than obligated to stand up and say something, not only for myself but for the other individuals who are a part of the “community” in our community.

As a gay man here, there have been times when I have reached out to local law enforcement and have been dismissed and looked and treated differently due to sexuality.

In 2011, I was bombarded by a group of males and left in a pile of blood on the side of the road. Police said it was a random act. I didn’t feel that way. Whether I am wrong or right, one thing is certain: If I were a straight male, some of the questions that were asked wouldn’t have been.

It’s a daily battle to be part of the LGBT community, some days are easier than others. I love who I am, and I’m sure if given the chance, others would as well. It’s 2016; society just hasn’t picked up yet, I suppose. Society once said African-Americans were property, and now, look, our president is African-American.

Life’s too short to worry about being harassed or feeling like I can not go in to a certain store because I’m different.

I want to feel confident and equal and know that if a situation arises, I am not any different and can call local authorities.

Thank you for your time. I just want our voices to be heard and I’m hoping someone can help us or point us into the right direction.

Jordan Rose