Time for more Hancock history

It is probably time that Hancock County has an updated history. I know that Shirley Historical Society is working to update theirs and they are looking for information. Do you have any?

Letter from a reader

Margaret Kinsey writes, “When I moved to Greenfield in the early or mid 1960s, I recall that there was a section of State Road 9 in front of the hospital that was brick. No one else recalls it. What’s the true story?”Margaret, I do not know, and maybe our readers can answer your question. Greenfield streets weren’t paved until 1920, but I don’t know if that means brick or asphalt. Today, there are only two bricked roadways in town — Depot Street and the alley beside the wedding chapel on North Street.

Local historian

George Richman was a Greenfield author and local superintendent of schools. He authored the History of Hancock County (1916) and World War I History of Hancock County (1921). In addition to being superintendent of Hancock County Schools, he also served as Greenfield postmaster. He also served for a number of years as a federal and state bank examiner. He was a product of Hancock County schools and Indiana law school.He was born in Greenfield in 1875 and died in Tipton in 1961. He moved to Tipton and served as a trust officer for Farmers Loan and Trust Company. He was married to Alice Meek, and they resided in Greenfield until 1935. An earlier history of the county was written by J.H. Binford and entitled the ‘History of Hancock County Indiana from its earliest settlement by the pale face, 1818 down to 1882.’ Mr. Binford was also a practicing attorney, ex county and city superintendent of schools, and late Professor of Law in the Central Indiana Normal College according to his biography.

Enough. I have told you everything that I know and some things I don’t. Talk to me.

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