Greenfield sewer cleaning underway

GREENFIELD — The Greenfield Sewer Department has started clearing debris and tree roots from the city’s sanitary system, and officials are asking residents to take precautions to ensure water pressure build-ups don’t cause messes.

Excess water typically should not be forced out of toilets, sinks or drains, but it does occasionally happen, Superintendent David Scheiter said. Crews suggest residents place towels below the seat of their toilets and weigh the lids down with a heavy object. They also suggest residents place towels over sink drains.

Residents who know where their home’s sanitary sewer clean-out cap is can remove it temporarily to allow excess water pressure to escape.

Should residents smell sewer gas in their homes during the cleaning, they are asked to run water in their sinks and tubs and flush their toilet. Opening a window or door will help the smell escape the house, Scheiter said.

Crews have started cleaning sewers in neighborhoods west of State Road 9 and will make their way around the city in coming weeks. Signs will be posted alerting residents to the maintenance before it begins.

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