Sound Off – March 19

The three stooges would be proud of the Republican debates.

•So Michael Adkins writes an opinion column criticizing the Republican party while being a member of the Democratic Party, which is running a Socialist and someone under criminal investigation. Huh!

•White privilege? Obvious to blacks, of course, but not to those of us in the privileged group, although I hope most of us now see it for the serious problem that it is. Christian privilege? Some people can’t see that one, either. I thank a Jewish woman whose blog I’ve been reading for pointing that out.

•A recent article summarized the progress of bills introduced by our local state senator and state representative. A vast majority were not passed out of committee. Are they working on the issues that impact the daily lives of local citizens, issues of importance to someone other than special interest groups? Are we being well-served? It doesn’t seem so to me.

•Why does Greenfield need “security cameras” in residential areas? Big Brother must like to watch me shoveling snow.

•Thanks so much to the person who bought our meal at the Greenfield McDonald’s recently. The cashier told us about your nice gesture, and we paid it forward by paying for the person in line behind us. The cashier said stuff like that happens all the time. So nice to see and experience random acts of kindness like that.

•Do the officials in Fortville really believe people will flock to their downtown area to see new building exteriors? It is what’s inside that attracts people — good customer service and good products at a fair price.

•In response to Carrier Air Conditioner moving production to Mexico, I have the following suggestion: Outsource bosses. The irony would be sweet.

•March 6 was the final episode of “Downton Abbey.” I have really enjoyed this program every Sunday evening for the past six years. Thank you, Channel 20 WFYI.

•I want to publicly apologize to the young woman waiting in line at Walmart’s deli department recently. I am so very sorry. I lashed out at you over such a trivial thing. I was rude and insensitive toward you. It made me aware how much words can truly hurt a person. I will think before I speak and be kind to others, as it should always be.