Arrests – March 5

Charging information is obtained from the Hancock County Jail. If you have questions about a charge listed here, call the sheriff’s department at 317-477-1147.


Joshua R. Kemp, 31, 408 N. Hutson Road, Ingalls, faces a probation violation.

Michael K. Hutchinson, 66, 10293 Sun Gold Court, Fishers, faces a probation violation.

Scott C. Morris, 32, 506 S. Oak St., Fortville, faces a writ of body attachment and a probation violation.

Brent A. Barnes, 33, 230 E. Delaware St., Fortville, faces charges of disorderly conduct, intimidation and resisting arrest.


Daniel S. Adam, 25, 622 N. Maple St., Ingalls, faces charges of possession of paraphernalia and unlawful possession of a syringe.

Stephen A. Schneider, 36, 133 S. 12th St., Richmond, faces a probation violation.

Thomas L. Yerks, 40, 12500 Melville Drive, Montgomery, Texas, faces a charge of failure to appear.

Frankie T. Nash, 66, 951 Haugh Ave., Louisville, Kentucky, hold for another agency.

Kristin E. Wirt, 31, 101 Gold St., Grand Rapids, Michigan, hold for another agency.

Karl B. Malone, 24, 5352 Traditions Drive, Indianapolis, hold for another agency.

John H. Dyes, 38, 236 Madison St., Clarksville, Mississippi, hold for another agency.

Oshawn M. Beaumont, 22, 187 Oaris St., Bloomington, hold for another agency.

Antoine L. Jackson, 35, 4333 Johnson Ave., Hammond, hold for another agency.

Terrell L. Tolbert, 36, 1030 Linn St., Cincinnati, Ohio, hold for another agency.

Donshea L. Gentry, 24, 1708 Ray St., Cincinnati, Ohio, hold for another agency.

Charles E. Wescoat, 47, 33rd East St., Minot, North Dakota, hold for another agency.