Sound Off – February 6

•Anytime the government tells you something is free, it was paid for with tax dollars.

•I’d like to give a big thank you to the Buck Creek Township Fire Department for coming out and helping me. The weather was horrible, and the roads were dangerous, but they got here in a matter of minutes and did a good job finding and fixing the problem. Again, thank you so much.

•The tree trimmers mentioned in the Daily Reporter must be the same ones who mangled the trees along County Road 700 North east of Meridian Road. The trees were growing over the road and needed to be cut back, but the result was so unsightly that we assumed someone would come along eventually to tidy up, but so far no one has.

•Shame on you, Hancock County, for having such an awful judicial system. Diversion and alternative sentences, including community service and rehabilitation, should be the only thing offered to first-time offenders and not jail time. The jail is so severely overcrowded and shows that you care more about the money than helping people. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

•So, Hancock County employees not only get a 4.5 percent pay raise for 2016, but now they get free health care. Who pays for these pay raises and free healthcare benefits? Why, you, the Hancock County taxpayer.

•Two Michael Adkins columns in one week — what a pleasant surprise! And they are both informative and thought-provoking. Is it my imagination, or is he getting better and better at column writing?

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