‘Skylight’ production ponders questions of lost love, reconciliation

INDIANAPOLIS — When considering someone you once loved, you wonder if you could go back to the way things were before — but that requires an honest assessment of the way things are now.

This question is put to the test in “Skylight,” a David Hare drama playing through Feb. 13 on the main stage at Theatre on the Square in downtown Indianapolis.

Kyra (portrayed by Sarah McGee), a young teacher living in a cheap flat in a run-down area of London, gets a surprise visit from Edward (Tyler Ostrander), the 18-year-old son of her former boss — and lover — prosperous restaurateur Tom Sargeant. Edward talks of deciding his career path during his gap year (between British high school and university) and hopes that, since his mother has passed away, Kyra could be his and Tom’s friend again.

Soon after Edward departs from that awkward conversation, Tom (Bill Simmons) arrives. The scenes that follow between him and Kyra — explorations of the past and what had become of them since, a hint at reconciliation, sharp-tongued verbal sparring, and a sort of mutual therapy — take up the bulk of the play, before Tom departs and Edward bookends the story with a return visit.

To my American ears, the actors’ English accents sounded