Daily Reporter staff reports

HANCOCK COUNTY — Several Hancock County schools celebrated 100 days of being in school recently by recognizing the number 100 in work and play.

Weston Elementary School students made projects with 100 items or 100 parts. They made and wore hats with the number 100 on them, and teachers and students wore shirts with the number 100 represented by different items.

Their math lessons focused on adding, subtracting and counting by 10s in order to get to 100.

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At the 100th minute of the school day, students flooded the hallways and principal Shane Bryant directed them in 100 exercises — 10 exercises 10 times each.

St. Michael School tailored its activities to the preschool class.

Fortville Elementary School students dressed up as 100-year-old people. At McCordsville Elementary School, teachers celebrated with a fashion show and snacks.

In the past, Hancock County schools have encouraged students to bring in canned food items for the Hancock County Food Pantry or had students dress themselves in 100 different accessories.

Marking the 100th day of school with a special celebration provides a chance to re-engage students, especially those in younger grades who are still learning beginning math and counting concepts, teachers said.