Columnist highlighted important topic


Columnist highlighted important topic

To the editor:

My wife, Cathy, and I want to express our appreciation for the column by Michael Adkins on the need for training for police officers in their difficult work interacting with people with mental illness.

Mr. Adkins’ insightful comments about the dangers of officers not having this training — and his ideas for solutions — were right on target.

We have a son with a severe mental illness. We have had to request the assistance of police officers when he needed hospitalization.

I hope he is successful in his work with Mental Health Partners in working with local police agencies to improve training around work with people with mental illness. This can only improve the safety of the officers and the person with the mental illness.

We would also like to offer our insights as parents to Mr. Adkins or any group that addresses this need. Thanks again to Mr. Adkins for his needed column.

Jim and Cathy Matthews