Bill tracker for Jan. 16

Each week, the Daily Reporter will check in on what local lawmakers are doing by tracking the progress by which bills advance or die in the Indiana Statehouse. Here is a list of key bills penned by legislators that represent Hancock County and where they stand in the Indiana General Assembly, from first reading to signature by the governor. You can also track these proposed laws online by visiting and click on “Legislation.”

Food and beverage tax

Bill number: House Bill 1096

Authors: Rep. Bob Cherry, R-Greenfield; Rep. Tim Brown, R-Crawfordsville

Summary: Authorizes Hancock County to increase its food and beverage tax by 1 percent to generate funding for the fairgrounds project. The legislation would increase the tax – paid by diners at local restaurants – to 2 percent.

Status: Assigned to a House committee on ways and means.

This week: No action.

Court security fees

Bill number: House Bill 1167

Authors: Rep. Bob Cherry, R-Greenfield; Rep. Tim Brown, R-Crawfordsville

Summary: Allows a county, city or town to adopt an ordinance to establish a $2 local court security fee to be collected with criminal and civil court fees. The funding generated could only be used to pay for the costs of installing, operating, maintaining and upgrading security measures, plans, procedures and systems in courtrooms and buildings that hold courtrooms.

Status: Assigned to House committee on courts and criminal code.

This week: No action.

Innocent co-insured

Bill number: Senate Bill 83

Author: Sen. Mike Crider, R-Greenfield

Summary: Prohibits an insurer to deny payment on a loss claim to an innocent co-insured, an individual who was not involved in an intentional act that caused loss for an insurance claim, such as starting a fire in one’s home. Crider has proposed the bill in the past and hopes to see it passed by lawmakers this year.

Status: Assigned to Senate committee on insurance and financial institutions.

This week: No action.

Internet crimes against children fund

Bill number: Senate Bill 197

Authors: Sen. Mike Crider, R-Greenfield; Sen. James Arnold, D-LaPorte

Summary: Establishes the Internet crimes against children fund to help state and local police departments pay for costs incurred when training, purchasing equipment and investigating felonies and misdemeanors involving Internet crimes against children. The bill establishes a court fee system in which a person convicted of a felony or misdemeanor pays $10 to an Internet crimes against children fund.

Status: Assigned to a Senate committee on judiciary

This week: No action.

— Compiled by Samm Quinn

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Samm Quinn is a reporter at the Greenfield Daily Reporter. She can be reached at 317-477-3275 or