Real Estate – January 14

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Oct. 9

Estate of Rudolph J. Boisvenue to Brandon M. Alton, 1754 Grindstone Court, Greenfield, $171,900.

Kocolene Marketing LLC to Mac’s Convenience Stores LLC, 2243 N. State Road 9, Greenfield, $1,000,000.

Villas at Timber Run LLC to Darryl L. & Linda S. Hood Joint Rev. Trust, 1186 Extraordinary Trail, Greenfield, $242,280.99.

Merwyn and Jodi L. Hall to Stephen P. and Michelle Needler, 7473 W. Ivy Lane, Sugar Creek Township, $190,000.

Edie Bussell (Horan) to John R. Wiedenhaupt, et. al., W. County Road 200S, Sugar Creek Township, $40,000.

Jo A. Zeitz to Brian Zeitz, 1250 W. County Road 1000N, Vernon Township, exempt.

Brian Zeitz to Vera G. Frazier, 1250 W. County Road 1000N, Vernon Township, $102,500.

Kenneth J. and Tiphani Jansing to Scotch Swango, 729 N. Madison St., Fortville, $138,000.

ES Land Holdings LLC to Pulte Homes of Indiana LLC, 8954 N. Rainview Drive, McCordsville, $36,500.

ES Land Holdings LLC to Pulte Homes of Indiana LLC, 8919 N. Windview Drive, McCordsville, $36,500.

Oct. 13

Edward L. and Glenda Guinn to Merred Allen and Helen E. Blair, 5357 S. County Road 575E, Blue River Township, $285,500.

Patricia D. Simpson to Mark A. and Rebecca C. Havens, 6131 E. County Road 100S, Blue River Township, $200,381.

Anthony and Julia Lucas to Kent and Kimberly Boling, 8264 E. County Road 450S, Blue River Township, $295,000.

Colby J. and Dana M. Leonard to Ryan C. and Allison E. Doerflein, 4510 S. State Road 9, Brandywine Township, $319,000.

U.S. Bank NA to Secretary of Housing, 6637 N. State Road 9, Brown Township, $68,156.60.

Beverly A. Willis to Robert C. and Kathy E. Durham, 518 N. County Road 300W, Buck Creek Township, $135,000.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP to Amanda and Kyle Goff, 2559 Cabin Hill Road, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $165,145.

Scott H. Palmer to Daniel H. and Robyn J. Stevens, 3953 E. County Road 100S, Center Township, $85,000.

Roger and Glenda Prewitt to Eddy Efendy, 1845 Murdoch Drive, Greenfield, $135,000.

Arbor Homes LLC to Aaron and Tracy Grose, 2296 Santa Fe Drive, Greenfield, $209,390.

Bevo LLC to Arbor Homes LLC, 922 Bobtail Drive, Greenfield, $41,000.

Adam Jordan and Barbara E. Holt to Alisha and David Love, 1945 Meridian Springs Lane, Greenfield, $130,000.

Sandra L. Hamel to Timothy R. and Julie A. Dunigan, 846 Indigo Drive, Greenfield, $115,000.

Tracy Nice to Andrew L. and Julie A. Smith, 1676 James Blvd., Greenfield, $235,000.

Fannie Mae to Wendy Carroll-Meneses, 328 Independence Road, Greenfield, $117,000.

Julie A. and Andrew L. Smith to Jacob E. Wilamowski, 725 Waterview Blvd., Greenfield, $149,900.

Villas at Timber Run LLC to Charles E. and Deborah L. Koch, 1188 Extraordinary Trail, Greenfield, $258,039.16.

Villas at Timber Run LLC to James F. and Mary E. Haggitt Rev. Trust, 1182 Extraordinary Trail, Greenfield, $258,857.

Bob and Lynn Pepperworth to Robert E. and Susan Lutz, 470 Waterview Blvd., Greenfield, $25,900.

Eric M. Allen to American Homes 4 Rent Properties Ten, 1911 Monticello Drive, Greenfield, $150,900.

Glenda J. and Robert F. Jahn to Jennifer L. and Eric M. Allen, 7945 E. County Road 100N, Jackson Township, $280,000.

Centennial Commons LLC to Gary and Yvonne Dixon, 1894 S. Centennial Ave., Sugar Creek Township, $275,726.

Mark A. and Pamela K. Wilson to the Edward W. Banks Trust, 4245 S. Amber Court, New Palestine, $183,000.

Karen L. and Steven T. Wineman to Nanette and Thomas Taylor, 4055 S. Black Oak Lane, New Palestine, $244,000.

Stewart Real Estate Investors LP to Eric J. and Tina R. Brumley, W. State Road 234, Vernon Township, $44,000.

Justin and Claire McCullough to Jason and Jennifer Armour, 9227 N. County Road 300W, Vernon Township, $275,000.

Arbor Homes LLC to Jason L. Miller, 552 Pebble Drive, Fortville, $153,740.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust to TAH Holding LP, 7035 N. Mesquite Court, McCordsville, $125,000.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP to Barbara A. and Ronald E. Parker, 8684 N. Tanglewood Circle, McCordsville, $270,500.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP to Elizabeth Smith, 5583 W. Woodhaven Drive, McCordsville, $203,684.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP to Peter T. Murphy, 6382 W. Riverside Road, McCordville, $270,670.