Real Estate – January 12

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Oct. 1

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to Bank of America, 6225 N. Main St., Brown Township, $72,240.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to Federal National Mortgage Association, 549 N. County Road 350W, Buck Creek Township, $106,200.

Scott Miller to Ann M. Denecke, 319 N. Walnut, Buck Creek Township, $175,000.

M/I Homes of Indiana to Sylvia Hansen and Lynn Schellhammer, 7174 W. Mayer Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $240,669.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to B & R Team Enterprises LLC et., al., 330 Baldwin St., Greenfield, $27,301.

Ricky L. and Connie J. Hoy to Gregory L. and Martha J. Davis, 323 Liberty Lane, Greenfield, $215,000.

Lawrence R. and Laura A. Youngstafel to Nicholas Stark, 319 Lullaby Blvd., Greenfield, $105,000.

Mark Elsbury to Anthony R. Jr. and Lorine E. Rose, 236 Rolling Ridge Drive, Greenfield, $144,000.

Janet B. Bettler to Paul McNeil, 336 Longfellow Court, Greenfield, $112,000.

Jennifer L. Meadows to Jeff W. Meadows, 3714 S. Eland Drive, Sugar Creek Township, exempt.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to Residential Accredit Loans Inc., 12209 Dunbar Circle, Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $95,000.

Pulte Homes of Indiana to Margie R. Morales, 5778 W. Commonview Drive, McCordsville, $206,950.

RH of Indiana to Angie L. and Christopher M. Foley, 5601 Pelican Court, McCordsville, $319,600.

RH of Indiana to John M. and Jennifer L. Lokantas, 5549 Pelican Court, McCordsville, $274,655.

Oct. 5

Justin R. Nolen to Niki Nolen, 4880 N. County Road 25W, Center Township, exempt.

Eric B. Freeman to Cody A. Harris, 992 Peppermint Court, Greenfield, $123,000.

Secretary of Housing to Jill Bennett and David W. Sidebottom, 1681 Copeland Farms Drive, Greenfield, $117,900.

Westport Homes to Wei M. Chen and Nicholas L. Rader, 235 Jewell Lane, Greenfield, $151,360.

Angela M. and Daniel R. Kennedy to Devin Coleman, 2311 N. County Road 1050 E, Jackson Township, $412,000.

Nathan E. Harsin to Bradley J. and Melinda L. Schoeff, 8891 N. County Road 700W, McCordsville, $180,000.

Bradley J. and Melinda L. Schoeff to Jennifer L. Vester, 7023 N. Abilene Way, McCordsville, $162,000.