Marriage Licenses – January 12

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

Nov. 2

Christina A. Aguilar, Greenfield, to Jason R. Bates, Greenfield.

Angelica L. Oak, New Palestine, to Robert W. Marshall, Indianapolis.

Nov. 4

Matthew L. Reynolds, Greenfield, to Holli K. Buckler, Richmond.

Ryan P. Ketron, Indianapolis, to Ashley N. Weimer, Greenfield.

Hanshuo Guan, McCordsville, to Chuansheng Zhou, McCordsville.

Nov. 6

Farooq Anwarzai, Greenfield, to Blanesta Ada, Ontario, Canada.

Nov. 9

Keith W. Noone, Bryant, to Brittany D. Schmollinger, Fortville.

Jerome M. Bow, Greenfield, to Patricia L. Davis, Carmel.

Amy J. Miller, Greenfield, to Christopher B. Osborne, Greenfield.

Nov. 10

Shane M. Reasoner, Greenfield, to Erica D. Webb, Anderson.

Nov. 12

Nathan J. Weintraut, New Palestine, to Janna D. Carter, New Palestine.

Nov. 13

Vicky L. Parker, Greenfield, to Dale L. Gorsham, Greenfield.

Estaban C. King, Pendleton, to Mindi G. Lloyd, Pendleton.

Harold E. Condo, Wilkinson, to Jama A. Gosser, Shirley.

Nov. 16

James E. Rakosky, Fortville, to Crystal L. Partlow, Fortville.

Nov. 19

Brandon M. Hall, McCordsville, to Sasha M. Plain, McCordsville.

Heather R. Muir, New Palestine, to Steven R. Fisher, New Palestine.

Nov. 20

Jeffrey F. Hokl Jr., New Palestine, to Michelle N. Marcum, New Palestine.

Nov. 23

Kayla J. Truax, Greenfield, to Adam C. Chew, Greenfield.

Kelly R. Brown, New Palestine, to Michael D. Livingston, New Palestine.

Nadine K. Fort, Fortville, to Michael W. Johnson, Fortville.

Nov. 24

Russell A. Long, Greenfield, to Kimberly L. Norris, Albany.

Nov. 25

Cory J. Ryan, Greenfield, to Alana R. Norman, Indianapolis.

Lori A. Armstrong, Greenfield, to Jeremy Whittaker, Greenfield.

Jonathan W. Sparks, Greenfield, to Sarah E. Everhart, Greenfield.

R. Michael Wilding, Greenfield, to G. Ellen Fischer, Greenfield.

Nov. 30

Justin B. Reynolds, Greenfield, to Elizabeth M. Weber, Greenfield.

Robert L. Garner, McCordsville, to Nicole A. Strange, McCordsville.